NES manufactures encapsulated O-Rings comprising an elastomeric core, which has a seamless jacket made from fluoropolymer. The jacket can be either FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) or PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) with the elastomeric core being either Viton or Silicone. The distinct advantage of having a fluoropolymer jacket over the solid PTFE O-Ring / PTFE Envelope or PTFE Coated is that PFA & FEP are not prone to cold flow and the inner core is protected from solvent ingress. Apart from being resistant to mildew growth the fluoropolymer exhibit very low friction properties thus eliminating "stick slip" tendencies. Viton is the best all round core material with the ability to recover
from deformation even after long periods of compression. Silicone energising core is used mostly for its ability to work at extreme temperature while maintaining full flexibility.

Where dynamic applications need to be considered silicone can be supplied with a solid or hollow core coupled with its energising properties resulting in reduced wear to the fluoropolymer jacket, increasing the seal life.



Northern Engineering, the world’s premier producer of O Ring products, introduces you to our latest product development.

Inflatable Seals

We are pleased to announce that Northern Engineering have successfully developed a range of Inflatable seals.

These products can be widely used across a range of industries including Aerospace: Doors/hatchways, wind tunnels, jet engine test cells, cockpit canopies

Pulp/Paper: Suction rolls, doctor blade bladders, slitters, scorers

Telecommunications: Semiconductor processing, filters, actuators, washers, robotics, optics

Transportation: Door seals for high speed trains, transport containers

Marine: Portholes, elevator platforms, cargo hatches, propeller shaft maintenance

Textile Industry: Clamping, door seals for pressure chambers

Primary Metals: Door seals, doctor blades, continuous casting process, furnace seals

Medical: Sterilizers, clean rooms, optics, robotics

Chemical Processing: Processing equipment, mixers, hoppers, blenders, chutes, valves

Food Processors: Door seals, mixers, robotics, conveyor brakes, dryers, autoclaves

Pharmaceutical: Mixers, robotics, autoclaves, ovens, clean rooms

Nuclear: Access doors, cofferdams, pool gates, nozzle dams

Our solutions are all available in range of compounds, including FKM, Silicone, EPDM and NBR and also our new range of metal detectable compounds. Our inflatable seals can with stand up to 10 bar of pressure. All our products are manufactured through our world class quality system; our quality rating is so high that we achieve a reject rate of less than 0.03%.

As always all our products are supported by our excellent levels of customer service, which will also allow you to improve your profits, increase your market share and add value to your business.

We would welcome any questions or enquiries you have in relation to this product, please contact our customer support team, Multiflow Ltd., with any further requests.